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About Team Subie Snails

 /Who we are

- We are more than just another "car group". We are a Subie family. We eat, sleep and drink Subaru. We believe that all Snails are equal whether they drive a '98 Fozzy or a brand new fully built STI putting down 1000WHP. We are a family and we support each and every Snail.

 /What we expect

- We expect all Snails to respect the Team, and fellow Snails, as well as their family members. We do not tolerate drama or street racing. We ask that Snails to stick to the Team and we require all Snails to have at least one decal on their Subie. We have a Team group chat and we ask that you try to remain active; however, we understand and respect that work and family are above all and that remaining active can be challenging sometimes.

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